Tuesday 15 April 2014

Testimonial : Never too old

by volunteer : Mr Tang; Kg Bunan Tembawang, Serian

I had a very meaningful and enjoyable  9 days. I was old enough to be everyone's father but I felt no distance and I was one of the team. These young people allow a senior to share their lives. Thank you.  The work done and the sharing in the lives of the kampong people was very meaningful to me because it is the out-working of my life values. I believe in truth, righteousness and justice. 

To bring pipe water to a neglected people - that is justice, social justice. It is not justice that some people should be very rich, while many remain poor. To share their lives and they allow us to share in their lives - that is truth and righteousness building. My ignorance and prejudices are removed and I am a little bit closer to truth and righteousness. Their ignorance and prejudices (if any) about West Malaysians hopefully are also a little bit removed. That will bring them closer to what is true too.

May God continue to prosper the work of Impian Sarawak.


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