Wednesday 3 December 2014

Project Portfolio : Water Project - Kg Beriwan Kito & Kg Tunas Baru, Lawas

Project Date : 20 - 28 September 2014
Location       : Kg Beriwan Kito & Kg Tunas Baru, Lawas

Its been more than 50 years but over 200 villagers of Kg. Beriwan Kito and Kg. Tunas Baru were still reliant on the intermittent rain for their basic water needs.

The first project in Lun Bawang community. A Gravity-Fed Water System was built to supply clean spring water to two villages; Kg. Beriwan Kito (16 houses & 1 church) & Kg. Tunas Baru (24 houses and 1 church). 

The current JKR water supply is hardly enough to supply to Lawas (complaints of murky and polluted water and even water shortage aplenty). The current pipe by JKR is connected up to Kg. Beriwan Tengah, about 2km away from Kg. Beriwan Kito. Coupled with the extra distance and lack of supply, these two kampungs stand very little chance to be connected to the JKR pipes.

This was Impian Sarawak's first foray in the Lawas area. 


Financial Report : Link

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