Monday 10 March 2014

Project Portfolio : Infrastructure Project - Sg Rassau, Sibu

Project Date : 22 Feb - 2 Mar 2014
Location       : Rumah Juan & Rumah Pasang - Batang Igan, Sibu

We built a new wharf and jetty for Rumah Pasang (32 Pintu) and upgraded the current jetty for Rumah Juan (28 Pintu). Currently at Rumah Pasang, there's 1 wharf built by crony company and only BN supporters are allowed to use the jetty. 
For Rumah Juan, their jetty will be flooded during the rainy season in December. Hence, we helped to uplift the jetty with new Belian woods.

 The building project was joined by 10 volunteers.

Share our project moments with this video:

4 guests attended our project opening ceremony. They were : Oscar Ling (MP Sibu), David Wong (ADUN Palawan) and Rajiv (ADUN Bukit Gasing) 

About Project : 
Photo Album  : Part 1 Part 2 Final
Video             : Link
Testimonial    : Volunteer Stories
Financial Report : Link

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