Thursday 15 January 2015

Project Portfolio : Holiday Edu Camp - Kg Jantan, Lundu

Project Date : 6-14 December 2014
Location       : Kg Jantan, Lundu

The first English Camp project under the Impian Banner. We had an average of 34 students daily. The Koperasi 'rented' their premise to us for the week to set up and use for our daily classes. Classes were from Monday to Friday, focusing on helping the students to gain the confidence of using the English language. The camp was supported by 3 volunteer teachers.

Arts, crafts and music were creatively incorporated to engage the students. Through these 
activities and interactive games, students were applying verbal and written English in a fun and meaningful way. 

The graduation performance at the end of the camp became the highlight and culmination of the week of learning as the student's family members get to participate and witness the growth of their confidence in using the English language.

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