Thursday 16 October 2014

Testimonial : Building a brighter future for the kids in Skim B

by volunteer: Daniel Liew, Skim B; Bintangor

The 1st of its program by Impian Sarawak projects; study camp at Skim B, Bintangor was a success towards the last days of its program. The outcome at 1st was complete opposite from what we expected but it has proven that education does not need to be stucked the classroom. It can happen anywhere and anytime. Throughout the 6 days of the camp, teachers were challenged to produce fun learning materials with limited resources. Every day, the teaching methods were different, a fresh challenge, nights of preparation; positive and moment of brilliance came from the expected and unexpected students.

The purpose of the study camp is to motivate the children in their studies besides testing their creativity and understanding towards their studies and their future directions. I found that some of the students do not like to study and at the same time, they feel lost in their future. Some of their concentration in class is very bad and they tend to prefer playing than listening in class. This is a major problem - parents pay little attention to their children's education and future. It's very saddening that many natives’ face issues like these due to awareness and the lack of education. Many often get bullied and cheated of their rights from different parties.

On the other hand, I must say I am amazed that some students open up in class. They were boldly answering questions even though their answer is wrong. The better ones will help the poorer students during the camp. They also have a very competitive, not wanting to lose at any opportunity. They might try every single way to cheat so that they can win. It’s very enjoyable to see them however sometimes we had to ignore them.

Besides the hard and rewarding teaching experience, we had a very hospitable host who accepted us as part of their family. We had an enriching experience living with the Ibans in Rumah Panjang. It was truly amazing! We get to taste their daily and delicious food.

The truly amazing part for me was the brother-sister bonding time i had. It had been many years since we never spent a long time together (with my sister). It truly brought up many good memories that I see my sister grow into an adult and no longer the baby girl I know. She learnt to be independent and even have the same passion to help the needy.


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