Tuesday 15 July 2014

Project Portfolio : Access Project - Kg Kiding, Kuching; Sarawak

Project Date : 3rd May - 3rd July 2014
Location       : Kg Kiding, Kuching; Sarawak

Previously, villagers have to hike 3km UPHILL to their villages. Most of them are farmers, thus they have to carry down their things to sell. Meanwhile, children attending nearby school have to walk up and down every weekend if they are lucky enough to get a bed in hostel. The unlucky ones would have to walk up and down everyday. 

Impian Sarawak decided to upgrade the villages existing jungle path to a road where 4WD vehicles and motorcycles are able to drive up. The main reason is to uplift their living environment which the government was supposed to do a long time ago. 80 families from 2 villages - Kg Kiding and Kg Kakas would benefit from this project.

The 2 months community style project was joined by 24 Volunteers from around Malaysia, 16 from past Impian Sarawak project villages and over 50 villagers from Kampung Kiding; on rotation basis. Despite various challenges faced on site, the project was successfully completed in 2 months.

Now with a basic road access with 7 connecting bridges, we hope that the villages may reap the benefits by increase in economic power(sell more goods and provide eco tourism etc), reduce emergency cases and children may not have to suffer the long walks if someone offers a 4WD shuttle to send them to school. 

The ground breaking ceremony event was attended by Chong Chien Jen (MP Kuching and ADUN Kota Sentosa).

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