Saturday 5 April 2014

Project Portfolio : Water Project - Kg Bunan Tembawang, Serian

Project Date : 22 - 30 Mar 2014
Location       : Kg Bunan Tembawang, Serian; Sarawak

Gravity-Fed Water System was built to help a local Bidayuh community living in the rural area. The villagers are still in the process of moving back to their own land after they were forced to moved during the Confrontation between Indonesia and Malaysia in the 60's. The water system will serve over 21 households.

 12 volunteers contributed to completing this water project.

The opening ceremony was attended by Julian Tan (MP Stampin), Tan Hon Ping (Adun Mengkibol), Liow Cai Tung (ADUN Johor Jaya) and Edward Luak (Chairman of Serian Branch).

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