Monday 31 March 2014

Project Portfolio : Water Project - Rumah Ugop, Kuala Sigu; Bintulu

Project Date : 15 - 23 Mar 2014
Location       : Rumah Ugop, Kuala Sigu; Bintulu

A Gravity-Fed Water System was built to supply the 43-pintu-longhouse with a reliable and consistent water supply. The longhouse folks were relying on rain water which runs out as we experienced during project. 
All washing and drinking water will have to come from the polluted river used for logging.

A total of 11 volunteers joined us on this water project.

The opening ceremony was attended by Chiew Chin Sing (ADUN Kidurong), Anthony Loke Siew Fook (MP Seremban) and Cheo Yee How (ADUN Pengkalan Rinting).


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