Monday 28 October 2013

Impian Sarawak Fundraising Dinner: 5th October 2013

Post Impian Sarawak- Kampung Sait project, 8

of our volunteers braved themselves to speak

in front of over a thousand guests during the

DAP fundraising dinner. Here is a short

excerpt, quoting from our volunteer

photographer-Bong Yang

"Living life bigger than ourselves" - Bong Yang, our volunteer 

photographer doing his sharing during DAP fundraising dinner.

I am a 23 years old Sarawakian who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Since that I have a lot of time to think and pondered about life. Whilst I was on my bed I thought to myself-I have no idea how long I've got and what if I only have 1 more year to live? 

Before cancer, my life was all about doing the best that I can for myself. But after I was diagnosed, I realized I could not find any satisfaction anymore if life is just about me. 

Coming to Kampung Sait as a volunteer, I have found new meaning to life, where I discovered IT has a bigger meaning than ourselves. If live is just about accumulating wealth and doing the best that you can (which is not wrong) and if that's the best that you can do; then Taib Mahmud did nothing wrong, and infact he did pretty well. But I will be thinking if one day he is at his death bed, will he be happy and satisfied with what he has now? 

I realized, what I want for my life is not just for myself, but for something bigger than myself. If we could all come together to unite and be inspired by this, I hope that Ubah Sarawak will no longer be just a daydream but it will be the realization of our dreams to create a new history for Sarawak. 

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