Thursday 31 October 2013

Post-Kampung Sait Blues......

As far as I remember, this photo was taken after 12am, I went to the toilet in the kampunghouse that I stayed, and I need to use a torchlight to find my way there, there will be no electricity after 9pm when the electric generator was shut down. Can you imagine that sixty plus years old "babai" (datuk) and "sinmok" (nenek) going through this every night and early in the morning. This is what I experienced in the village, and that is the villagers life there. Electricity solely depends on generator and only will be available from 7pm to 9pm each day. 

Things really happened and it is truth when I saw it for myself after heard so many times from my friends. 

They truely deserve a better life. 

I hope that for those who had seen this post, give some concern to what actually happened in Malaysia, and try to help with whatever you can. a share, some donation, some concern will do.

"akuk lanak buus sudah, selamat ngrum semua"
(saya sudah mahu tidur, selamat malam semua)-translated from Bidayuh

By ANG TSE CHWAN, Impian Sarawak Volunteer, Kg. Sait

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